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Constitutional Amendments

Changes to the Florida Constitution can be proposed by a joint resolution of the Florida Legislature, citizens’ initiative process (see handbook below), the Constitutional Revision Commission, or the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission.

Proposed amendments require 60% approval from voters to pass [see Florida Constitution, Article XI, Section 5(e)].

Thirteen proposed constitutional amendments or revisions will appear on the 2018 General Election Ballot. To view or download a copy of these amendments, click on the "Booklet - Proposed Constitutional Amendments and Revisions for 2018" links located below.

Constitutional Amendment Resources

  • Booklet - Proposed Constitutional Amendments and Revisions for 2018 General Election
    • Note: By order of the Florida Supreme Court, NO. 8 CONSTITUTIONAL REVISION (Ballot title: School Board Term Limits and Duties; Public Schools) is removed from the 2018 General Election Ballot. See SC18-1368. The numbering for the remaining proposed amendments will not change and will appear on the ballot as currently numbered.
    • English - PDF
    • Español – PDF 
  • Initiatives, Amendments, and Revisions Database
    • Database lists current and former initiative petitions and proposed constitutional amendments. 
    • Click box “Made Ballot” to view amendments or revisions on the 2018 General Election Ballot.
  • 2017- 2018 Constitution Revision Commission Final Report
  • Initiative Petition Handbook - 2018 Election Cycle
    • Information and resources on the initiative petition process whereby citizens can propose changes to the Florida Constitution
    • English - PDF
    • Español - PDF